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{title:Norwegian Wood}
{subtitle:The Beatles}
{artist:The Beatles}
{composer:The Beatles}
{category:The Beatles}

{comment: Intro }
[|][D picking lick][|]

{comment: Verse 1 }
[D]I once had a g[D/C#]irl or should I s[D]ay
[C]she [C/B]once [C/A]had m[D]e
[D]She showed me her r[D/C#]oom isn't it g[D]ood
N[C]orw[C/B]eg[C/A]ian w[D]ood

{comment: Chorus }
She [Dm]asked me to stay and she told me to sit anywh[G]ere
But [Dm]I looked around and I noticed there wasn't a ch[Em]air[A]

{comment: Verse 2 }
[D]I sat on a [D/C#]rug biding my t[D]ime
dr[C]ink[C/B]ing [C/A]her [D]wine
[D]We talked until [D/C#]two and then she [D]said
[C]it's t[C/B]ime f[C/A]or b[D]ed

{comment: Chorus }
She t[Dm]old me she worked in the morning and started to l[G]augh
I t[Dm]old her I didn't and crawled off to sleep in the b[Em]ath[A]

{comment: Verse 3 }
[D]And when I aw[D/C#]oke I was al[D]one [C]this b[C/B]ird h[C/A]ad fl[D]own
S[D]o I lit a f[D/C#]ire isn't it g[D]ood
N[C]orw[C/B]eg[C/A]ian w[D]ood

{comment: Outro }
[|][D picking lick][|]

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