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{title:Wish You Were Here}
{subtitle:Pink Floyd}
{artist:Pink Floyd}
{composer:Pink Floyd}
{album:Wish You Were Here}
{musicpath:/storage/emulated/0/Music/Pink Floyd/1975 - Wish You Were Here/Pink Floyd - 04 - Wish You Were Here.mp3}

{comment: Intro Guitar, 2x }

[G]    S[C]o, so you think you can t[D]ell,
Heaven from h[Am]ell, 
Blue skies from p[G]ain, 
Can you tell a green f[D]ield
From a cold steel r[C]ail, 
A smile from a v[Am]eil? 
Do you think you can t[G]ell?

[G]   Did they get you to tr[C]ade, 
Your hero's for gh[D]osts, 
Hot ashes for tr[Am]ees
Hot air for a c[G]ool breeze, 
Cold comfort for ch[D]ange, 
Did you exch[C]ange, 
A walk on part in the w[Am]ar, 
for a lead role in a c[G]age?

{comment: Solo, 2x }

[C] How I wish, how I wish you were h[D]ere,
Were just tw[Am]o lost soles simming in a fish bowl,
[G]   Year after year,
[D]   Running over the same old ground, 
What have we f[C]ound?
The same old f[Am]ears!
Wish you were h[G]ere.

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