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F[Bm]or many days we travelled from a distant place and time,
To reach a p[F#m]lace they call the planet Earth,
There was to [G]be a celebr[F#m]ation,
On the m[Bm]ission of the s[A]ac[A]red h[G]eart.

The planet Earth from way up there is beautiful and blue
And floating softly through a rainbow,
But when you touch down things look different here,
At the mission of the sacred heart.

W[A]atching all the d[G]ays roll b[F#7]y
W[Bm]ho are you and who am [Gm6]I?
    D  D4         Gm6
                       How's life on earth?

 [Eb7]    [D7]   When all the stars above
 [Eb7]    [D7]   Rain icy fingers down on [A7]me

On a dirty worn-out sidewalk, sits a mother with a baby,
In her vale of tears she sees no rainbow
And someone's singing from a window
In the mission of the sacred heart.


There's a building on a corner, in a city, in a land,
On a place they call the planet Earth,
My orders are to sit here and watch the world go by,
From the mission of the sacred heart.


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