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# Morten Kringelbach
{t:Roll Me Over}

Th[G]is is number one and the f[D7]un has just begun.
[D7]Roll me over, lay me down
and do it ag[G]ain
[G]I like the feeling
roll me o[G7]ver
in the cl[C]over
roll me ov[G]er, lay me d[D7]own
and do it a[G]gain
-[D7]do it [G]again

This is number two and my hand is on her shoe
roll me over.............

three                my hand is on her knee
four                 her clothes are on the floor
five                 we're barely still alive
six                  she's fond of all my tricks
seven                she cries out: "I'm in heaven"
eight                she cries: "I cannot wait"
nine                 I take her from behind
ten                  I use my  fountain pen
eleven               she says "again from seven"
twelwe               she says "do it yourself"
thirteen             I tie her in the curtain

twenty               the gun is nearly empty
thirty               now the story's really dirty

tenthousandthreehundredninetyfour she still cries out for more.

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