ChordPro Software

Last updated by George, 2023-11-23

Songsheet Generator

Price: Free

Even though Songsheet Generator has recently been updated, its GUI appears somewhat outdated. It was launched in 1997. The menu structure is not too intuitive and I gave up on configuring separate fonts and colors for the different sections, like the chords.

However, the product is free and I appreciate that a lot. I feel that a modern and intuitive design would be a great improvement.

Songbook Pro

Price: $9.49 – $19.00

Songbook Pro, also known as Songbook or Songbook Chordpro, is not a ChordPro editor but a great companion to render and display them. It is available for Windows ($19.00), Android ($9.49) and iOS ($10.99). I can’t tell why the prices vary per platform.

The user interface could get a face lift in my opinion but it does a great job displaying ChordPro files nicely. A great tool for live performances. It supports tagging, play lists and also auto-scrolling which is really cool when performing. It also allows you to link a song to a local audio file on your device so you can double-check if you are playing it right :-).

Another valuable faeture is its Dropbox/GoogleDrive/OneDrive connection that allows you to access your own ChordPro files from anywhere where you have an Intenet connection. You can sync those files from there down to your device so being offline is not a problem at all.

Here is an introduction video that gives you an impression:

ChordPress (WordPress Plugin)

Price: Free

ChordPress is a WordPress plugin. You can not install and run it as a program or app but you can install it in your WordPress site to render ChorPro texts and guitar chords there. I think that qualifies as software as well.

I don't want to go into more details here but if you are a web developer and are interested, click the image to find out more about it.