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Last updated by George, 2020-03-08

The "OLGA Archive" is an amazing collection of over 3000 ChordPro formatted song files. I could not find out what the history of it is, but it is still publicly available here:

No proper copyright statement can be found on the site, however, this is an excerpt from the readme file:

This archive is mirroring nevada's collection of CHORDPRO songs as well as most all CHORDPRO songs posted to both newsgroups and In addition I am converting songs which are in a fairly good chord format to the CHORDPRO format.

Jan-Erik Schuch

Well, Jan-Erik (and "nevada"), thank for the great collection of ChordPro songs.

Should I violate any copyrights by re-posting the files here, please let me know. See the Help -> About page how to contact me.

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