ChordPro Websites

Last updated by George, 2020-03-05

ChordPro Homepage

This is the offical home page of ChordPro, describing and specifying the format. It also contains information about the history and authors of this format.

This is the proper source for the specification and reference of the ChordPro syntax.

ChordPro Wikipedia

This is what Wikipedia has to say about ChordPro.

I was surprised that the content was so little considering that the last update was done in October 2019 when I checked it. The information is very basic but I guess that is also up to us, the audience using it and being able to participate in the Wikipedia content.

So if you feel you are up to it...


The number one source for ChordPro files is Chordie.

Chordie provides a major load of songs. If you look for one and its ChordPro text, go here first and search for it.

Once found, select "View" from the upper right button bar and click on "CHORDPRO". You will be presented with the ChordPro formatted text you found. Copy it and process it further if you like.

If your are not interested in the ChordPro text of the song in the first place, Chordie offers a lot of other views and features of a song, e.g. the chord diagrams for a song.

Kudos to the makers of the site!

Ukulele Geeks Songeditor

If you play the Ukulele, this is a great spot to create and edit a ChordPro lead sheet for Ukulele online.

You can only build one song at a time and only for Ukulele (4 strings). But the editor is quite cool and also allows you to add your own Ukulele chords that are rendered then on your output. Once you are done, press Ctrl+P to print your lead sheet.

You can also set appearance, transpose and other options, e.g. hiding the chord diagrams or settings the paper size of your printout.

I like this site lot. What a pitty that it does not support regular 6-string guitars.