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{title: Hole in the River}
{subtitle: N. Finn & E. Rayner -- As Performed by Crowded House}
{define Am/G: base-fret 1 frets 3 0 2 2 1 0}
{define Am/F#: base-fret 1 frets 2 0 2 2 1 0}
#-- For the intro, if you sit on an Em chord on the 7th fret (X79987),
#you can find your way around the main melody line of the keyboard that
#Eddie Rayner is playing.  (The guitar part at that point is just doing
#that damped string/percussive thing, so when playing it alone on an
#acoustic, it helps to play around on the Em.)
#-- The psychedelic instrumental break is composed entirely on C#m (a
#last-minute idea from Nick Seymour that saved this song from being
#scrapped.)  All the fun stuff is going on in the keyboards, while the
#guitar just sits on that one chord.  I would suggest creating a guitar
#solo for this section (which is what Neil does when it's performed
There's a hole in the [C]river w[D]here my auntie [A]lies [Em]
From the land of the [C]living [D]to the air and [A]sky [Em]
Left her car by the [C]river [D]left her shoes be[A]side [Em]
Through the thorns and the [C]bushes[D] I hope she [Am]was ...

[Am/G]Dreaming of [Am/F#]glory
[B]Miles a[Am]bove the[Am/G] mountains and [Am/F#]plains
[B]Free at [Am]last   [Am/G]      [Am/F#]

We were touched by a [C]cold wind, [D]my father and [A]I [Em]
The sound of desperate [C]breathing [D]her fear inside us [A]all [Em]
She was coming to see [C]him but [D]something changed her [A]mind [Em]
Drove her down to the [C]river
[D]There is no [Am]return

Guitar Solo: E:--------------|------------|--------------|---------||
             D:4--7--9-9--7--|-4--7--9----|-4--7--9-9----|-4--7--9-|| Am  Am/G  Am/F#

[B](instrumental)     [Am]               [Am/G]             [Am/F#]

There's a hole in the [C]river [D]where a memory [A]lies [Em]
From the land of the [C]living [D]to the air and [A]sky [Em]
She was coming to see [C]him
But [D]something changed her [A]mind [Em]
Drove her down to the [C]river
[D]There is no [Am]return
#(Transcription by Marck Bailey)

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