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Intro: E C G D A  (repeat) 

T[E]wo dr[A]ifters on the mo[E]rning s[A]ky,
T[E]wo dr[A]ifters sailing w[E]ide and h[F#m]igh,
W[E]hen summer b[F#m]reezes blow acr[G#m]oss your m[F#m]ind,
With yo[E]u, [F#m]I will walk the [B9]line. [B]

I want it [C#m]so fine  [F#m]
I want it [C#m]so fine  [F#m]
I want it [C#m]so fine  [F#m]  [Am]  [E]  [C]  [G]  [D]  [A]

People walking hand in hand,
Everybody's singing to the band,
I want to be where the stars shine bright,
And hear sweet music on a summer night.


Sundowners we'll go on and on,
We'll find the land of the midnight sun,
And when you look you'll see for miles around,
You'll see, the world is in your hand.
#B9 224422
#B  224442

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